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Karl Jennings - UK
1444th winner
Won £1000 on 14th September 2019
Rating N/A


Shane Austin
1443rd winner
Won £1000 on 07th September 2019

Amazing! Can't believe I won a grand and didn't spend a penny! Bloody amazing!

Jodie Walsh
1442nd winner
Won £1000 on 31st August 2019

Never thought I'd win this! I'm happy on a Monday for once! Thank you!

Ryan Thomas - USA
1441st winner
Won £1000 on 24th August 2019

That will do nicely! Happy days!

Greg Thomas - USA
1440th winner
Won £1000 on 17th August 2019
Rating N/A


Tammy Fraser - UK
1439th winner
Won £1000 on 10th August 2019

OMG!!!! I can't believe I finally won on here! I've been entering every week for more than a year and never won a thing!! Really can't believe I won! Wohooooo!

Jane Cooper
1438th winner
Won £1000 on 03rd August 2019
Rating N/A


Michael Chow
1437th winner
Won £1000 on 27th July 2019

I never thought I'd win. Excellent app Raffall!

Sergio Garcia
1436th winner
Won £1000 on 20th July 2019

Such a simple idea. Very happy to have won! An amazing app! I would give 6 stars if it were possible!

Jade Williams
1435th winner
Won £1000 on 13th July 2019

So excited I finally won something! However please make the app available for iPhones again as since changing my phone it says 'not available'.