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Clare Holby - Ireland
2111th winner
Won £1000 on 20th April 2019

OMG I finally won! Drinks are on meeee!

Phillip James - UK
2110th winner
Won £1000 on 13th April 2019
Rating N/A


Eve Punzano - Brazil
2109th winner
Won £1000 on 06th April 2019
Rating N/A


John Clark
2108th winner
Won £1000 on 30th March 2019

I only found this app after a friend invited me to enter his raffle! A few weeks later i'm £1000 richer! Bloody brilliant! Happy Sunday everyone!

David Hall - UK
2107th winner
Won £1000 on 23rd March 2019

Finally won the big one! Excellent app! Use my referral code 14709185 for free credit!

Jakob Cedergren - Sweden
2106th winner
Won £1000 on 16th March 2019
Rating N/A


Richard Hall - USA
2105th winner
Won £1000 on 09th March 2019

Only a month ago i left a 1 star rating on the play store because i was convinced this app was bullshit!

David Roberts - UK
2104th winner
Won £1000 on 02nd March 2019

Its only taken 18 months to get my first win!! Thank you!

Gita Kumari - India
2103rd winner
Won £1000 on 23rd February 2019

Thank you so much for this win! This is amazing and means very much to me and my family! Thank you!

Jane Thompson - UK
2102nd winner
Won £1000 on 16th February 2019

I can't believe i won!