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Jane Thompson - UK
2107th winner
Won £1000 on 16th February 2019
Rating Pending

Awaiting review...

Hugo Gärtner - Sweden
2106th winner
Won £1000 on 09th February 2019

Totally awesome app! I never believed i'd win anything. Great start to the week!

Tomy Jackson - UK
2105th winner
Won £1000 on 02nd February 2019
Rating N/A


David Brown - UK
2104th winner
Won £1000 on 26th January 2019

FINALLY!!!!!! Bloody brilliant!

Brett Michaels - USA
2103rd winner
Won £1000 on 19th January 2019
Rating N/A


Peter Wilson - USA
2102nd winner
Won £1000 on 12th January 2019

Bloody unreal! Thats me out tonight! Brilliant :)

Sandeep Selliah - India
2101st winner
Won £1000 on 05th January 2019

This is an absolute dream for me and my family! Thank you so much!!!! I really cant believe that i won! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Jose Rodriguez - Brazil
2100th winner
Won £1000 on 29th December 2018
Rating N/A


Dave Stevens - UK
2099th winner
Won £1000 on 22nd December 2018

Did i really win? What an amazing xmas present! Is this real?

Catherine Hall - UK
2098th winner
Won £1000 on 15th December 2018

I've hosted a few raffles on here and think Raffall is a brilliant app! This is my first time ever winning one though! Fantastic early Xmas present! :)