Kim Heath has invited you to play!

As seen on TV!

Play Raffall’s Free Lottery and you'll have the chance to win multiple cash prizes on each draw!


How does it work?

Just like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Raffall uses advertising to generate revenue. This means advertisers fund the lottery as oppose to ticket sales!


Think about it for a moment, none of us pay to use Social Media and yet we all know that these companies make billions in ad revenue that enable them to pay for their staff, offices and profits! Why can’t the Lottery work in a similar way? Well, in this case it does! The big difference is that the ad revenue generated is given away as prizes to the winners!


How to enter?

Login with Facebook and tap the ‘Enter’ button to watch a 30 second video ad. Watch it until the end, receive your ticket and wait for the draw!


Everyone can get tickets once per day with options to get more by completing offers and inviting friends. No registration is needed but you do need a valid Facebook account to play.


It takes about 1 minute of your time to enter, so remember… You’ve got to be in win it!


Good luck!

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