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We’re Raffall

Raffall was founded in 2015 with a vision to remove the red tape associated with raffles and prize competitions and make running and entering them online, easy, safe, legal and fun for everyone.

Raffall is an online platform for hosting and participating in legally compliant raffles and competitions that provides a secure and transparent system, user-friendly interface, and support throughout the process.


share their raffles with their fans


make it easy, safe and fun for everyone


enter raffles run by those they follow


I started Raffall to create a fair and secure platform that enables anyone to host and participate in raffles and competitions with confidence, while ensuring that everything is legally compliant and transparent.

Stelios Kounou, Founder & CEO, Raffall

What we do

We’re a platform that enables brands, businesses, creators and fundraisers to run their own raffles and prize competitions, without them having to invest in technology, lawyers or infrastructure.

We process payments, issue tickets and protect entrants by ensuring that those hosting the competitions have no control or influence over the draws and cannot access the ticket revenue until their winners have confirmed receipt of their prizes.


Used for creating additional income

Raffall is a great monetisation tool that enables brands, businesses, influencers and content creators to generate additional income by hosting their own raffles that give their fans the chance to win their personal items, experiences or products as prizes.


Used for fundraising

Raffall is a great fundraising tool that enables charities, schools, sports clubs or any type of fundraiser to host raffles that provide their supporters with the opportunity to win prizes as opposed to simply donating without receiving anything in return.

Good to know

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We ensure all competitions are legal

We invest in lawyers so that you don’t have to. We ensure that all competitions are structured correctly and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. is approved and whitelisted by Facebook and Google which means that you can safely promote your competitions within their platforms.


We help build trust

People are often skeptical about online competitions. They wonder if they’re genuine, if anyone ever wins, or if the draws might be fixed. By removing the ability for hosts to control or influence the draws, and by not releasing the ticket revenue until the winners confirm receipt of their prizes, we help remove that doubt. This leads to increased trust, increased participation rates and increased revenue for the competition hosts and the charities or causes they support. Providing credibility for competition hosts and security for their entrants. Raffall is often referred to as the “PayPal” of the competition space!


We provide transparency

Entrants are able to view the participation list, see how many tickets have been issued, and view an odds calculator that enables them to see their chances of winning. This level of transparency also breeds greater trust and confidence.

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