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Sheffield Steelers game worn shirt, choose one home shirt from list

Worn throughout the 2019/20 Elite Ice Hockey League Season.

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Game Worn Shirt - Close one home shirt from list.

Shirt off your back of the 2019/20 Sheffield Steelers Home Shirt
Choose any one:

#2 Aaron Brocklehurst
#8 Marek Troncinsky
#10 Tanner Eberle
#12 Kieran Brown
#13 David Phillips
#15 Anthony Deluca
#19 Michael Davies
#21Alex Graham
#22 Jordan Griffin
#23 Jonas Liwing
#27 Cole Shudra
#28 Lucas Sandstrom
#42 James Bettauer
#52 Nikolai Lemtyugov
#53 Aaron Johnson
#55 Janne Kolehmainen
#63 Brendan Connolly
#75 Robert Dowd
#81 Ben O'Connor
#88 Marc-Olivier Vallerand
#90 John Armstrong
#97 Josef Hrabal

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Adam Beckett
Won Game Worn Shirt - Close one home shirt from list. on 25th March 2020

Great way to make an abrupt end of the season better.


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