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You could win this two-bedroom Sutton flat with a garage by entering a £5 raffle
A couple have taken an unusual step by offering their two-bedroom Sutton flat as the prize in a £5 raffle.
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Liverpool Echo
Couple selling house for a £1 after buyers couldn't get mortgage
The three bedroom home is estimated to be worth £110,000
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The Sun
Mansion worth £1.5m with pool & incredible views could be yours for just £5
A MASSIVE five-bedroom mansion complete with a swimming pool worth £1.5million could be yours for just a fiver. Sussex residents Nick Williams, 53, and wife Bella, 52, from Battle, East Sussex are …
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Colombianos pueden participar en la rifa de lujosa mansión en Inglaterra con solo $25.000
De acuerdo con la publicación, el ganador tendrá acceso a varios beneficios para que sea más fácil acceder a la vivienda sin importar el lugar de procedencia
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The Argus
Couple to give away their £1.5m house in Sussex countryside in raffle
People have the chance to win a £1.5 million house in a raffle supporting charities.
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The Mirror
Woman who got death threats after raffling £400k home says she's doing it again
Jennifer Matthews faced online abuse and death threats when she raffled off her £400,000 home - but is now doing it again as she hopes to help people get on the property ladder
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The Sun
I was sent death threats for home & Ferrari raffle - now I'm doing it again
A WOMAN who claims she was bombarded with death threats from trolls after raffling off her £400k home and Ferrari is now doing it again. Jennifer Matthews made the difficult decision to downsize fr…
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La mansión que están rifando por $25.000
Una pareja está rifando una mansión en apoyo a causas benéficas.
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El Tiempo
La increíble mansión que están rifando por 25.000 pesos: así puede participar
Además, se sabe que el ganador recibirá dinero para hacer la mudanza. Le contamos.
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Lancs Live
'I got death threats for raffling off my £400k house but now I'm doing it again'
Jennifer Matthews and her husband David decided to give their house away to a lucky winner as she battled a life-threatening heart condition
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