Features for Hosts
Raffall profile
Your unique Raffall profile displays your live and past raffles, profile info, winners and raffle metrics.
Unique raffle URL’s
Each raffle you create will have its own unique URL which you can share and promote online.
Unlimited entrants
You can have an unlimited number of entrants.
Unlimited tickets
You can issue an unlimited number of tickets.
High revenue share
Receive up to 90% of the ticket revenue generated.
Host multiple raffles
Host up to 10 raffles at any given time..
Customer support
Your raffle entrants can access our Help Centre and communicate directly with our customer support.
Promotional bundles
Increase customer spending with promotional ticket bundles that reward entrants with free tickets for purchasing multiple tickets.
Invite followers & contacts
Easily create email campaigns with stunning invites sent directly to your followers and contacts inboxes.
Invite other Raffall users
Expand your reach by sending email invites directly to the inboxes of over 2 million Raffall users.
Performance stats
View detailed statistics that shed light on how your raffle is performing. This includes traffic, ticket sales and revenue charts.
Free-entry raffles
Grow your followers by hosting free-entry raffles that require entrants to follow you before their free tickets are issued.
Affiliate sales
Boost ticket sales with affiliate marketing by paying commissions for direct sales, encouraging promotion and partnerships.
Promo codes
Encourage participation by issuing promo codes that give bonuses on ticket purchases.
Qr codes
Create customisable QR codes for easy access and boosted participation through various media.
Scheduled start date
Build anticipation with a scheduled start-date: your raffle appears on your profile, but tickets can't be purchased until the set time.
Promotion tips
Increase visibility and participation by featuring your raffle, allowing users outside of your network to discover and enter.
We support multiple languages and currencies, enabling translated content, titles, and URLs for better SEO and global visibility.
Multiple payment methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfers for convenient and flexible transactions.
Charity donations
Add a charity donation to boost participation and foster a positive image, benefiting both your cause and participants.
Minimum ticket target
Keep 40% of ticket revenue if you don't reach your minimum target. If unmet, you keep the prize, and the winner gets 50% of the revenue as cash.
Account Manager
Benefit from expert guidance with a dedicated account manager, ensuring a smooth and successful raffle.
Automated draws
Automated draws ensure a smooth, error-free, and tamper-proof process, happening anytime, anywhere for flexibility and fairness.
We send notifications to keep participants informed and engaged, enhancing their experience and boosting raffle success.
Scalable infrastructure
Our AWS-powered platform handles traffic spikes, processes payments, and issues tickets without downtime, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Pixel integration
Add pixels to track user interactions, gather data, and optimise marketing, improving engagement and raffle performance.
Showcase winners
Winners are displayed on the host's profile, providing ratings, reviews, and optional images or videos with their prizes.
Good to Know
Legal and compliant
Raffall is fully legal and compliant with all relevant regulations. We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure our platform operates within the law, providing a secure and trustworthy environment for hosting and participating in raffles. Our compliance with legal standards guarantees that all transactions and activities are transparent, fair, and protected. Users can have confidence in the legitimacy and integrity of our services.
Domain authority
Our platform's high domain authority is a testament to our credibility and reliability in the raffle hosting industry. By hosting your raffle with us, you benefit from our established reputation and extensive reach, ensuring your event gains the attention and trust it deserves.
Trust and transparency
By providing a secure and transparent environment, we enhance the credibility of your raffle, making our platform the preferred choice for many of the worlds leading brands. We are proud to be rated "excellent" on Trustpilot, with over 17,000 reviews from customers all over the world. This rating serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a trustworthy and reliable platform. Our excellent reviews reflect the satisfaction and trust of our global user base, underscoring our dedication to transparency, security, and exceptional service.
Our platform's high traffic provides a significant advantage by enhancing the overall credibility and trustworthiness of raffles hosted here. With millions of monthly visitors, participants feel confident that they are engaging with a reputable and active community. This credibility boost can lead to higher trust and engagement from your target audience, even if your raffle isn't visible to everyone. Hosting your raffle on our platform means benefiting from an environment where high traffic underscores reliability and fosters participant confidence.