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Enter Raffle to Win Justin Hawkins' Private Guitars!

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Raffle Summary
I'm raffling off my some of my treasured guitars!
Here's a great chance to take part in some seasonal raffle excitement and also walk away with one of these delightful musical instruments. Please, to enjoy.
Prize 1

Gibson SG Double Neck

Part of Justin Hawkins' guitar collection for the past 12 years, and played on numerous tracks from Easter is Cancelled by both Justin and Dan, this Alpine White Gibson doubleneck will bring unending delight to the winner of this raffle.
This is the same custom shop model as the one seen in the Christmas video, and is the actual guitar from the Open Fire video. Yay and yum.

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Prize 2

Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 GOLD TOP

Here's a Gold Top that I bought to replace the one that was stoled outside the Astoria in 2003. It's a 2008 model, with some really cool features like locking Grover tuners, cool smoked perspex covers on the back plates to you can see all the electrics and a locking thing at the output so you never have to suffer the embarrassment of treading on your cable and unplugging yourself. Softy is setting this up, it was my main studio guitar for years and now it could easily be YOURS!!

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Damon Phoenix
Won Gibson SG Double Neck on 18th November 2020

The double neck arrived today and it's absolutely stunning! I'm so honoured to have won, thank you Justin!

Lewis Baister
Won Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 GOLD TOP on 18th November 2020

I mean... it’s Justin Hawkins. What else do you expect other than a great guy with impeccable taste in Guitars!


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