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Enter Raffle to Win Justin Hawkins' Darkness Guitar!

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Raffle Summary
Ok I think I’ve got the hang of this now...

I now realise that the raffle ends as soon as the upper limit of tickets is reached. I have created an impossible upper limit for this raffle so that we can definitely all enjoy a little bit of Christmas Day together. The draw will take place automatically, and will be conducted by Raffall, but I’ll do some kind of streaming broadcast to provide commentary on this exciting moment.
Prize 1

Permission to ROCK! Ibanez

Up for grabs this time is my unique and rather wonderful custom built Ibanez with a dazzling paint job designed by moi, a super unusual trem system with a mini whammy bar on every string, plus brilliant LED fret inlays engineered to my own specifications. There isn’t another guitar quite like this in the world!

This was my axe of choice for guitar solos played whilst flying over arena crowds, doing somersaults on wires. Great days! This is a wonderful item of Darkness memorabilia and a sensational seasonal gift. Also, it's a really great guitar, plays like butter, sounds incredible and comes with a fresh set-up by Guitar Wizard Ian "Soft Lad" Norfolk, guitar technician to my brother and I.

The guitar can be collected from Great Yarmouth in the UK. Alternatively, we can ship it anywhere in the world using Fed Ex, however the cost of shipping will not be included in the prize. We can arrange all that stuff after the draw :)

I promise this raffle will be drawn on Christmas Day. Cross my heart. Apologies for the unceremonious nature of the previous draw. This one is going to be full of Yuletide cheer...

Good luck, one and all!

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Collection available from Great Yarmouth

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All compensation payments are guaranteed and paid directly by Raffall Limited.
James Phillips
Won Permission to ROCK! Ibanez on 25th December 2020

Amazing guitar, very thankful to have won the raffle. Can't wait to have a play around with it!


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