How much does it cost to enter a Raffall?

The ticket price per Raffall is different and changes from Raffall to Raffall.

What is the minimum price per ticket?

The minimum price per ticket is £0.10.

What is the maximum price per ticket?

The maximum price per ticket is £10.00.

Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes. You can buy as many tickets as you wish.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning a Raffall depend on the total number of tickets issued and the number of tickets you purchase. For example, if 100 tickets have been issued and you purchase 1 ticket, the odds of you winning start from 1/100. However, if in the same example 50% of the entrants answered the question or puzzle incorrectly, then the odds of you winning would be increased to 1/50.

What happens if all tickets are not sold?

If all tickets have not been sold by the Raffall end-date then all ticket purchasers will automatically be refunded and their accounts credited with the ticket value. All refunded tickets are labeled ‘refunded’.

What does 'Open Ended' mean?

If ‘Open Ended’ is displayed on the header, it means that the Raffall has no ‘End Date’ and ends only once all tickets have been sold.

How is a winner selected?

Those entrants that selected the correct answer to the question or puzzle are entered into a draw where a winner is selected automatically and at random.

How are winners notified?

Winners are notified via Push Notifications and Email. Winning tickets can also be viewed on the ‘My Raffalls’ screen.

If I win, what happens next?

If you win a raffle then you will automatically receive the raffle host’s contact information where you’ll be responsible for arranging collection or delivery of the prize. At the moment of collection or delivery you must press the ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ button on the winning ticket located on the ‘My Raffalls’ screen. It is important that you do not press accept until you have taken receipt of the prize and are satisfied that the prize is as advertised. Only after pressing ‘Accept’ will the revenue from ticket sales be credited to the Raffall host’s account.

If I win, and do not receive the prize or the prize is not as advertised, what happens next?

If you do not receive the prize or if it is not as advertised then you must press the ‘reject’ button on the winning ticket located on the ‘My Raffalls’ screen. By doing so the Raffle status will be changed to ‘rejected’ and will be investigated by a member of our ‘Disputes Team’ who will decide whether or not the proceeds from tickets sales will be transferred to the Raffall host or refunded back to the ticket purchasers.

How can I rate my experience?

If you win a Raffle you will be prompted to rate and review the Raffall host based on the service and overall experience given.

Who can see the ratings and reviews?

Ratings and reviews are public and can be seen by all users who view the History screen of any host.

Can I get FREE tickets?

Yes. Each time you share a raffle in Facebook, you receive a free ticket to win that week’s prize.

How many FREE tickets can I get?

The more raffles you share, the more free tickets you receive and the greater your chance of winning.

Will I receive more FREE tickets if I share the same raffle more than once?

No. You will only receive one free ticket per raffle you share.

Will I get another FREE ticket if I share the same raffle again, but in a different week’s bonus draw?

Yes, the share counters are reset each week and you will get another free ticket for sharing the same Raffle.