Find answers to frequently asked questions about entering a raffle

  • Is it safe to enter a raffle hosted on your platform?

    Yes! We're the first company in the world to develop a platform that solves the global problem surrounding the 'competition' space and the way in which people try to abuse and manipulate people’s trust when offering competitions online.

  • Are the raffles legal?

    Yes! We're the first platform of its kind to be approved by Facebook, Apple and Google and although we often use the word 'raffle', we're actually a 'prize competition' platform as each entrant is required to answer a multiple choice question or puzzle to enter.

  • How do you protect us from fraudulent users, liars and cheats?

    Entrants are 100% secure because draws are automated and hosts have no control or influence over the winner selection. We also hold all funds in our own merchant account so no funds will ever be transferred to a host until the winner has confirmed receipt of the prize. This removes all incentives for hosts to lie or fraudulently advertise prizes that don't exist.

  • What happens if I win a raffle but do not receive the prize or the prize is different from what was advertised?

    Every raffle comes with a 'Raffall Guarantee' which means that if you do not receive the prize or if its different from what was advertised, you have the option to press the 'dispute' button on your winning ticket and we will pay you compensation amounting to 75% of the total revenue generated from ticket sales.

  • How much does it cost to enter a raffle?

    The ticket price for each raffle is different and is set by the raffle host.

  • Can I purchase more than one ticket?

    Yes. However you cannot purchase more than 5% of the tickets to any competition.

  • How can I pay?

    You can make a payment using a credit/debit card or bank transfer.

  • Are card payments secure?

    Yes! We have our own Merchant account and use a third-party payment processor approved by Visa and MasterCard and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They process all payments through a server-to-server system which means that we never store or see your card details.

  • How long does it take to credit my account if I pay via bank transfer?

    Bank transfers are reconciled manually within usual office hours. As long as you have quoted the correct reference number on your transfer, your account will be credited within 2-3 hours of your funds appearing on our statement.

  • How do I know if and what amount is being donated to charity?

    If a charitable donation is being made then a charity badge displaying the registered charity and amount being donated is clearly displayed on the raffle.

  • How do I know that the host will make the donation?

    Any charitable donations will be deducted from the proceeds generated from ticket sales and paid directly from us to the charity.

  • When does a raffle end?

    Raffles end either on a specific date and time or when the last ticket has been sold depending on which option the host selected. These details are clearly displayed on each raffle.

  • What happens if all of the tickets aren't sold by the draw date?

    The draw will take place no matter how many tickets have been sold. If the host provides the prize to the winner, then we will transfer the proceeds from ticket sales to the host. If the host decides not to provide the prize to the winner then we will pay the winner a cash compensation amounting to 75% of the ticket sales and the host will keep their prize but not receive any of the revenue received from ticket sales.

  • Where can I view my tickets?

    You can view your raffle and free lottery tickets on the 'My Raffalls' page of our mobile app or website.

  • How do I know if I have a winning ticket?

    A winning ticket is dark green and has a 'claim' button on it.

  • How do I know if I have a losing ticket?

    A losing ticket is light red and has a sad face on it.

  • How is the winner selected?

    All raffle tickets that contain the correct answer to the entry question or puzzle are entered into an automated draw where our system selects winners at random.

  • How will I know if I won?

    You will be notified via Push Notifications and Email. You will also see a winning ticket on the My Raffalls page of our mobile app and website.

  • How do I claim a prize?

    You must press the 'claim' button on the winning ticket to access the 'Get Prize' page where you will be given the contact information of the host and provided with further instructions.

  • If I win, what happens next?

    If you win a raffle then you’ll be responsible for arranging collection or delivery of the prize. When you receive the prize you must press the ‘accept’ or ‘dispute’ button on the winning ticket located on the ‘My Raffalls’ page. It's important that you do not press 'accept' until you've taken receipt of the prize and are satisfied that its as advertised. Only after pressing ‘accept’ will the revenue from ticket sales be transferred to the raffle host.

  • If I win and do not receive the prize or the prize is not as advertised, what happens next?

    If you do not receive the prize or it's not as advertised then you must press the ‘dispute’ button on the winning ticket located on your ‘My Raffalls’ page. By doing so the raffle status will be changed to ‘disputed’ and will be investigated by a member of our ‘Disputes Team’ who will award you a cash compensation amounting to 75% of the revenue generated from ticket sales.

  • What are the odds of winning a raffle?

    The odds of winning a raffle depend on the total number of tickets you purchased in relation to the total number of tickets that were sold. For example, if 100 tickets have been issued and you purchased 1 ticket then the odds of you winning start from 1/100. However, if in the same example 50% of the entrants answered the question or puzzle incorrectly, then the odds of you winning are increased to 1/50.

  • What does 'Open-Ended' mean?

    If a raffle end date is ‘Open-Ended’ it means that the draw will take place after the last ticket has been sold.

  • How can I rate my experience?

    If you win a raffle you will be prompted to rate and review the raffle host based on the service and overall experience provided.

  • Who can see the ratings and reviews?

    Ratings and reviews are public and can be seen by all users that viewthe Recent Winners screen or the History screen of the host.

  • Do you offer any free raffles or competitions?

    Yes. You can enter our Free Bonus draw to win cash prizes each time you share raffles on Facebook.

  • How can I enter the Free Bonus draw?

    You must share raffles in Facebook to get free tickets.

  • How many free tickets for the Bonus Draw can I get?

    You get 1 free ticket per raffle you share in Facebook.

  • Will I receive more free tickets if I share the same raffle more than once?

    No. You will only receive one free ticket per raffle you share.

  • Will I get another free ticket if I share the same raffle again, but in a different month bonus draw?

    Yes, the share counters reset after each draw which means that you can share a previously shared raffle to get a free ticket again.