Before publishing your prize, make sure it's allowed on Raffall and find out if there are specific rules and conditions on how it should be listed.

Prohibited items

These items may not be listed on eBay:

  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
  • Firearms, weapons and knives
  • Government, transit, postal items and official items policy
  • Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials
  • Items encouraging illegal activity
  • Lock-picking devices
  • Mailing lists and personal information
  • Medicine and healthcare products
  • Offensive material
  • Police-related items
  • Prescription drugs
  • Stolen property

Reporting policy breaches

If you see a raffle that breaches Raffall policies, please report it by clicking the Report link on the listing, or by emailing us at When a policy breach occurs, we email the host and the entrants to let them know that the competition has been removed from Raffall. All entrants that have purchased tickets for the raffle will have their accounts credited.